Friday 27 June 2014

Fetsu's Miss Octopie Review! ~

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♡ Hey cuties! 
Time for more posts! o 3o 
Again just so you're not aware you may have realised I have been abit inactive, 
Basically a lot of personal thing have been happening lately and it has stopped me from doing stuff I would normally do?
I just haven't had the mental strength 
AND i'm into my LAST week of college ;-; Wish me luck! 

BUT ANYWAYS! Todayyyy I am going to be doing my long awaited Octopie Review! 
Now I got sent this stuff with no warning so I hadn't planned this at all hence why its so late ;-;
So please if people are going to send me stuff to review PLEASE let me know when you send it do I can prepare for it!

Okay so I was sent a couple of SUPER cute items! 
I was so so happy to finally get these items as I LOVE her artwork so so much! 
Oh gosh I can't even JUST LOOK
So yes I was sent a T-Shirt and 4 Button Badges! 

Sugar Sweet Shirts by miss-octopie
Alpacacorn 1.5" buttonKawaii for life 1.5" button
Strawberry cake 1.5" buttonOctopus 1.5" button
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♡ So when I first opened the wonderfully cute package I was greeted with this beautiful Business Card!!  
 I can't lie I think this has to be one of the most cutest ones I have ever received!
♡ The work on it is so so beautiful and it is very clear and it has all the information you would need on it ! 

♡ So the first items that I opened were these really cute badges!  
These badges only cost $2.00 each which is a very reasonable price
and that is an expected price for a beautiful badge like this! 
These were wrapped securely with tissue paper so they weren't damaged or scratched during shipping 
That was a really good idea to do I think and it was like opening a little present! It was so fun unwrapping each one!
These badges are a total width of 1.5" which is a really cute avas=rage size!
These badges are very sturdy and strong and have managed to keep attached to anything I have worn them with!
The printing of the artwork is also very good and you can see all the detail very well!
These are truly beautiful! 
♡ Unicorn Skull ♡ Octopus ♡ Cake ♡ 

♡ The next item that I received was this super duper cute Octopie " Sugar Sweet" T-Shirt!   
Like I do with 99% of shirts I get the biggest shirts possible as I love baggy T-Shirt ; w; 
This shirt is so so soft and is wonderful quality! 
This shirt is really nice and thick and the printing on it is done really well! 
Its so so detailed and omg I just love it so much! ; 3; 
As you can tell I got this shirt in the shade Pink, But you can also get it in Mint and Blue! 
This shirt comes in a HUGE range of sizes from Small - Extra Large!
As I said I got this in the biggest side which is XL ¬ w¬ And as a size UK 10 this is pretty baggy on me! XD 
I think that this could go up to a size 14-16! 
♡ The work on it is so so beautiful and it is very clear I am so so happy with this!

 This shirt costs $25 which I think is a very good price for the quality!
But I will warn you that this shirt creases rather easily when worn due to the thickness! 
And I think it may be to thick for the upcoming summer! 
So it would be nice if maybe one day she could bring out a more lightweight shirt which would be more summer appropriate!
But besides that I think that if you guys are a fan of her work like am then it is really worth investing in!
And I promise you will not be let down by her wonderful service! ; w;  


 My Worn Photos 

Thankies ever so so much Miss Octopie for sending me these cuties to review for you! 
I love your items so much and I can't wait to wear them out much more! 
Thankies ever so much for reading you cuties and be prepared for the spam of reviews coming your way! o 3o


  1. OMG! That is sooooo cute! <3 I fell in love!

  2. This is extremely cuuuute! I love the colours and designs! *^* LOVE IT!! <3